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Zodiac ZS500 Heat Pump

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Water heated to the temperature you want, when you want and depending on the time you have available. It's no longer a dream, it's a reality with the new Zodiac ZSSOO heat pump with Heatselect® technology.

This is the first heat pump in the market offering you a choice of 3 operating modes. ECO mode allows the ZS500 to operate at as little as 50% of total energy available in the system. Smart Mode operates between 50% and 100% and Boost Mode allows you to run at 100% when you want to heat your pool as quickly as possible.

Engage Turbo with Boost Mode 
The most efficient way to get a rapid temperature increase, particularly at the start of the season when the water is still cold. Boost mode uses 100% of your pump's capacity at a maximum of 39dB (at 10m).

Vertical Blower Unit for 
Discreet Installation 
Unlike conventional heat pumps that require clear space over a radius of 5 metres, the ZS500 has a vertical blower system, allowing it to be concealed behind a wall or trees, without affecting its performance for complete discretion.

User-Friendly Control Screen 
User-friendly and simple design of the control screen of ZS500 makes setting the desired temperature and choosing the way of obtaining the temperature achievable, all in a single step. 

Improved Performance 
The ZS500 Heat Pump has inverter technology that allows the variable speed compressor to utilise the 3 available modes· Eco, Smart & Boost. The heat exchanger in the ZS500 has a surface area 20% larger than other heat pumps on the market, thus offering a greater capacity to collect heat from the surrounding air resulting in better performance and energy savings.

Quiet and Low Cost Operation 
with EcoSilence Mode 
The uniquely designed fan with ultra smooth roller bearings ensures super quiet operation, this can be very important with strict council regulations around noise control.

Heat Intelligently with Smart Mode 
Intelligent mode that automatically selects the optimum operating power for your pump, between 50% and 100% of its capacity, to find the best compromise between temperature increase rate, energy savings and silence. 

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