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Elite Pool Blankets

At Perth Pool Heating, we choose to supply Elite Pool Blankets due to their exceptional reputation,quality and service:

  • Elite's super bubble deep ultra blue blankets heat better than most light blue blankets on the market, greatly extending your swimming season;
  • The Elite super bubble is a larger and thicker bubble that insulates the pool better;
  • Thicker bubbles offer greater service life and is a better investment than others on the market;
  • Elite offer an 8 plus 10 year pro-rated warranty with a 2 year complete replacement on the 10 year- greater than any other manufacturer;
  • Manufactured in WA for our conditions.

The benefits of a pool blanket are numerous:

  • Eliminate up to 98% of water evaporation saving you a great amount of money, not just in water, but chemicals and filtration costs;
  • Effectively heat your pool by up to 9 degrees without the need for expensive solar heating or electric pumps. This extends your swimming season to up to 9 months!
  • Keeps debris from the pool, saving you time in clean up as well as money in chemical costs.

Due to pool blankets being a very specialized item, please call or e-mail with the measurements of your pool for our best price! We need the longest length and widest width of your pool for an accurate quote. We can also organize installation at very competitive prices!

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