What is the difference between gas and electric heaters?

The two main heating methods used to heat swimming pools and spas in Australia besides solar are gas and electric.

Choosing a gas or electric heater has significant advantages over solar. It does not require lengthy installations, is generally cheaper to run than the cost of the pump to run the solar, and is more effective in extending your swimming season than solar alone.

Gas heaters are extremely effective in heating the pool or spa quickly in a short amount of time. The gas heater is plumbed into the line, and water flows around a series of tubes that are heated by a naked flame. This constant heat and fast moving water is a great way to heat the pool to a desired temperature in a small amount of time, however can be expensive to run depending on your gas supplier. The models are either natural gas or propane powered.

Electric heaters work much the way a reverse cycle air conditioner does. The heat in the ambient air is captured and compressed, then released into the pool as heat. A refrigerant is used as it has an extremely low boiling point, and when compressed has huge energy potential. The water flows over tubes containing this compressed refrigerant which then heats the water. Electric heaters are very efficient to run and usually cost no more then $2.00 a day.

This is a simple explanation of how heaters work, however the science behind them is very complex and new technology is bringing more advanced techniques to the market, so we are always providing the most efficient heaters to do the job.